Microsoft CRM

The Best Microsoft Dynamic CRM Provider in Hyderabad

We, Affluent Global are a leading MS Dynamic provider from Hyderabad, India. If you have found, support costs spiralling out of control with your inflexible business management system, you should go to Microsoft Dynamics. It provides a familiar, adaptable, comprehensive and easily tailored business management solution that provides small and larger organizations end-to-end, industry-specific functionality.


It works with other Microsoft products to help you to maximize your investment in Microsoft Technology and can restrain you from being the best MS dyan. It uses standard adaptors based on SQL server reporting Services, Visual Studio, .NET designed to enable you instant access to a wide variety of industry-standard integration protocols and to facilitate easy connections to your business partners.

Microsoft Dynamic is role-tailored design and integrated self-service business, Intelligence empowers your people to tailor and automate the solution based on their preferences and work style, thus maximizing individual productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics provider in Hyderabad provides a high degree of scalability that enables you to respond to market opportunities more quickly.

The features which force the users to have Microsoft dynamic provider:-

  • It is a flexible solution that can be tailored easily to your key business processes, so you don’t have to change your key processes to fit with the solution. Provides end-to-end industry-specific functionality so you can be confident your solution will be relevant to the demands of your industry and business.
  • It can be used globally for your business, helping your solution to remain relevant to your business operations across geographies. More closed business through complete views of customer data online or offline, and tools that provide your sales professionals with real-time access to leads as well as cross- and up-sell opportunities.
  • The ability to provide more value to customers by responding faster to customer service issues, and empowering your service organization to anticipate, address and deliver consistent, efficient customer care that contributes to long-term business profitability. Our Field Service Automation software provides efficiency, connectivity, insight and flexibility to any organizations for which excellence in customer service is critical. Automation of workflow processes can help your organization meet these increasing demands so you can manage and improve field level responsiveness, ensure customer satisfaction and create new revenue and margin opportunities.

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