Maximize your investment with Microsoft Office 365


Affluent Global – A global leader in providing technology enabled business solutions and services. Office Standard and Professional Plus are available to Volume Licensing as device-based perpetual licenses.

Office Standard and Professional Plus are available to Volume Licensing as device-based perpetual licenses. Office 365 Pro Plus is the subscription; user-based Office client can be purchased as a standalone, or included in Office 365 Plans E3, and E5.

Affluent Global can help you determine the best route for your organization to buy online Microsoft Office 365 software in India. Office 365 brings great benefits and some challenges. Users with multiple PCs, especially those in bring your own device (BYOD) programs, may be difficult to license properly without Office 365 ProPlus, thus increasing the risk of noncompliance. Partner with Affluent Global to expertly navigate Microsoft pricing structures, the impact of contract location (including local tax laws), and underlying licensing complexities due to your organization’s IT configuration.

Clients can avail of Microsoft cloud subscriptions with full support services, billing and invoicing direct from Bit Scape as a flexible and sustainable alternative to utilizing your Microsoft Licensing Solutions Provider volume licensing and Microsoft support.

Renewal — This provides the optimal long-term licensing solution, if you wish to migrate your productivity workloads to the cloud. Select add-ons—best mid-term option Add-ons are for users who already have underlying on-premises licenses through an EA or a MPSA and want to move to Office 365, while retaining the flexibility to return to on-premises licensing.

  • It’s a flexible way to move to Office 365 during your existing SA term.
  • Add-ons are now considered to be Enterprise Products.
  • Software Assurance is maintained: all benefits including new version rights, support, and others remain available during your existing software SA term.

Renew — Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 Users who already have underlying on-premises licenses through EA and wish to replace them with Office 365 subscription-based licensing can do so at renewal.

Migrate your Enterprise Agreement platform

Along with Microsoft Office 365 E3, they combine into the Secure Productive Enterprise (SPE). SPE is a per user licensing option available through Microsoft EA.

Gain from Affluent Global SLMS licensing expertise Affluent Global Software Licensing and Management Solutions (SLMS) has unparalleled expertise and capabilities as a globally designated Microsoft LSP, CSP, Enterprise Direct Advisor, software reseller, and software licensing advisor. With us, you can maximize your strategic software investment and better understand and optimize your complex licensing models and use rights from licenses only to a full OPEX model combining services, subscriptions and support. To leverage our licensing experience, contact your local SLMS Sales Specialist.


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